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Ramblings of Purest Sanity

29 July 1984
A biography, eh? Easy enough. My name's Greg and despite a lack of medical expertise I feel qualified to state that I'm a human male in my early 20s at the time of publication. My DOB is 29/07/84, that and some basic arithmatic will tell you how old I am right now.

I was born in a small town in the middle of nowhere where very little happened. It looks good on postcards. Not that I'd know 'cause I moved to birmingham when I was six and have lived here ever since. Unlike practically everyone else I've met here I actually like birmingham. It's got a lot going for it. More fetishists per head population than any other city in the country, there's just no objecting to something like that. Big enough for me to get cool stuff, but not so big that when I try to discover new shortcuts and get lost (as I inevitably do) that it's possible for me to never be seen again. An' for the record I've witnessed more crimes out of this city than in despite spending most of my life here so anyone who tells you it's a cesspit of crime is...well probably a bit more observant than me to be honest.

I have a lot of hobbies and while I've mainted a few through most of my life (not that I had much choice with some of them) mostly I end up trying a few new things each year and a few fall by the wayside. So I end up a jack of all trades (which is code for it's possible for an expert to embarass me at pretty much anything I do)

I've done all of the schoolin' traditionally associated with a middle class city dweller (While my upbringing can't exactly be thought of that way my parents kept getting promoted and now my moms been known to throw a cocktail party there's really no escaping that classification) and went onto this university mumbo-jumbo.

It's fantastic :D If you've not been to university, go now, if you're there, never leave and if you've left, come back :P In 2006 I got a BSc/Psychology&AI and I'm meandering over to this masters + PhD concept for which I'll almost certainly come to hate this place. For now though I think it's excellent.

So there you have it, a brief bio, which I felt the need to type because the box says "Bio" in big bold black lettering and I can't defy a title heading like that. I also know that you couldn't give a shit and that's probably why I messed around with it so much, you don't want to know where I was born or what degree I did, if you clicked the info it's because you want to know who I am (Or alternatively you already know who I am and want to see how conceited I felt the day I was typing this)

For me the core of who a person is comes from what they believe in. In my case that's you. Yes you, sit up straight, pay attention, someones got faith in you so you have to be respectable now. Okay, more specifically it's people. I'm not sure about lifes greater meaning and I'm not sure what, if anything, happens to us next. I find it interesting to think about and anyone who knows me will tell you I'll spend days discussing it given half a chance, but while interesting, it's not something worth living for.

What I am sure of is us, people, we're all here, we constantly take actions that affect each others lives, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. The thing that's really special about these interactions, compared to other things, is that they're limitless. If you buy a toaster then there are less toasters left for others (and in a sensitive free market economy the price of toasters rises slightly) if you make someone feel better there is not less good feeling left in the world. Making someone happy is like gettig something for nothing, it's the only true form of creation. Other types of creations are just conversions, somtimes it's desireable to turn some raw materials into some other form, but it's not the same as creating something. The good and the bad things we do to each other are the only times we're ever really creating anything of any merit.

I believe in people, I think that we can exist in a fashion whereby we all generate a lot of good for and within each other and the inverse is rarely true. I do not think that we have to fight as much as we do, I do not think that there's some limit stopping us from looking after each other more than we do - I think that a lot of the time we don't and that reaching this ideal is hard. I have faith that we can make it and that it is possible, eventually, to have a world in which everyone can be happy.

We're a long way away and to think that anything of that sort, or even getting remotely close to it, could occur within my lifetime is pure fantasy. That doesn't matter, the important thing is to take steps in the right direction when the opportunity presents itself and to create the opportunity where it doesn't. I believe that we can have a better world and I think that while a lot of people do not share my beliefs and while I frequently fail to get even remotely close to my ideals that we will make it and that it's worth trying.

Anyway, that's abstract me, as it happens I'm not an abstraction. (unless you're looking at my info with no intention of ever seeing me off LJ, then I guess you are kinda looking at an abstraction of me) Practically putting all of that into play is impossible and I don't manage it most of the time (but that's okay) but there's probably a few things it's worth knowing if you're going to be dealing with me (and since you've read all of the tripe I've written so far that's probably your intention) so lets get going.

I reckon most things are idea driven, nothing changes till there's a new idea. As such freedom of thought and flexability of thought are very important to me. This means I like being challanged, I like talking to people who disagree with me, I like debating and talking about things, I think it's very important to take as many views on board as possible when making an important decision and while it'll really piss me off in the short-term I like being wrong.

I do not like it when people try to control other people through their thoughts. You'll see 'compliance' on my interests list. This is short for compliance psychology (which I felt stupid typing because psychology was already listed) If I wanted a snappier phrase I'd call it the science of manipulation. I see a lot of manipulators, naive and informed, trying to stop other people from thinking and instead have them follow the manipulations dictates. There is nothing that makes me more angry than this. Fair warning, if I think you're handeling me when you could be putting your point up for debate, or if you suggest that I should resolve a situation by doing this to the people around me I'm likely to get extremely annoyed. Sometimes it's worth saying those things anyway, I accept there are times when it's necassary, but I always see it as choosing the best of two bad options, I really can't stand it when people are proud of it.

Anyway, that's enough about what I think, I'm sure you've had enough. I figure I'll just tell you a little about what this journal is about and then be off and let you get back to your regular programming. This journal is about what I think :P It's a journal, I'll put down anything that's on my mind or any feelings that are bothering me. Very few posts are locked and they all do their best to be completely honest. I fail from time to time, it's very hard to bare your soul for everyone who wants to have a look, but I think it's worth doing. Hiding things hurts too much and I feel it's good to get everything out of my system. Sometimes it won't be nice stuff, but that's okay, that's me, I'm not always nice and I don't always think happy thoughts. Hell a lot of the time I think thoughts that disgust me, but I still try to post them if it occurs. Anyone who claims to be different is probably lieing to you.

Those sorts of entries make a fair portion of the journal. Also there are occasionally photo entries. If I go do something that I think is better seen than explained (swinging through trees and the like) then there may be a photo entry depending on whether I've damage my camera. There are the occasional shots of tied up girls too, I like tieing up pretty girls, It's a lot of fun for all parties and I'd love to be profesionally good at it, but that comes when it comes. I don't get to do it nearly so often as I think I should, guess the world doesn't like me as much as it should :P

I also use this journal to organise social things from time to time, so if you have come here after meeting me in real life, or just happen to be around birmingham, then you might get a little of that from time to time. I play a lot of games, if you fancy a game of something just poke me and I'll generally say okay. While I suck at sports and am still trying to get over my spine exploding I do play a pretty good game of badminton so poke me about that too, there are games most peeps can wonder along to most weeks.

That's most things covered. I guess I should have mentioned being a R/G colourblind dyspraxic doing yoga to try to get over the microdiscectomy at some point. Most of my bios make some attempt to explain how I feel about relationships, but the more I think about it, the more I really have no idea and figure I just deal with those as and when they feel like making an appearance. That my memory is about as functional as a solar powered mole helps make it not so bad when I forget who you are (and I will) I 'spose I should've fit in the various instabilities that make my mind, even when they should really have had it fall apart by then, but they're kind of unstable enough or nonsensible enough I've no idea how to do it. How do you explain that your desire for extreme violence makes you extremely pacafistic? An' nobody ever understands that the whole blue/purple distinction is a conspiracy, just like those redheads! Also, and this is important, I really am a cat person. Like cats, loathe dogs. There's a cat I grew up with called Mattisse and he's wonderfull and you all worship him whether you know it or not. Like I say, I should have explained all of that lot, but it's just too much effort, if it really bothers you I guess the best thing to do is talk to me.

Oh, an' don't be shy, I can't remember the last time I got upset with someone for asking a question that was too personal. I can remember the last time I got upset with someone for not asking such a question.

So anyways:

Hi, I'm Greg.