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Lets play: Project Zomboid II - Ramblings of Purest Sanity [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lets play: Project Zomboid II [Jun. 15th, 2011|11:54 am]
Day One

Smother her? I didn't. We're still here together. Happy. Look, I even share a bed with her. Today I raided the cafe across the street. We have all the food we need for weeks. We're safe. Aren't we Kate?

Day Two

I threw together some barricades in the front garden. I'll go out the back way. Stupid zombies won't find the back way. One of them is scratching at the barricades but it'll take him months. Went to the pub, took ALL the booze. For me and Kate to share. It's our anniversary, we must celebrate. Found an isolated cottage in the woods nearby, perhaps surprise her with it there?

Day Three

Why is the house full of zombies? Where are my barricades? Why is the door in ruins. Good thing there is another way out. Made it. Kate didn't. I'm sure she's holed up in the bedroom safe and sound. Didn't get a chance to grab supplies, just took all of the whiskey and legged it. Sweet sweet whiskey.

Day Four

I'll get my house back, I'll come rescue you Kate just you see. Holed up in the shack in the woods now. Slowly filling it with food and medicine. Found hundreds of shotgun shells, but no shotgun. When I find one they will pay. You shall see.

Day Five

Zombies scatching at the door. Best let them in or else they'll break it down, I like that door. Ahh! There are zombies in here. Run! How could I be so stupid. Exhausted, injured, tired...drunk? Found an apartment and collapsed on the bed. Too tired to barricade the door. Also no wood. Perhaps I could cut down the door for wood to...nevermind. Sleepy.

Day Six

God bless you owner of this house. I raided for food, but I found 50 shotgun shells, a shotgun and an axe. I'll have my shack back now you fuckers. CHARGE... Where did they all go? Guess they got sick of waiting for me to get back. Ah well, will look after the shack better this time. More care not to be followed.

Day Seven

The zombies torment my sleep, running and attacking while I'm resting. I try to axe them but they just disappear. Cheats. That bite I took hurts a lot, wound keeps opening up. Feel kinda funny. Need more whiskey and drugs. Yes, that'll sort me right out.

Day Eight

I'm coming Kate! Made it to the house. Killed HUNDREDS of them. Kate won't talk to me. After all this effort I've went to. Bitch. I'll burn this place down with you inside, you hear me Kate? Took everything of value in the house, very heavy, made me slower than the zombies. Didn't matter, shotgun is my friend, aren't you shotgun? Got back to the shack. Very few shells left now. Didn't get followed, axed the ones near the shack to be sure. Quieter that way.

Day Nine

Eheheeeheehe. Found it. Fuel. Made two molotov cocktails, more than enough to start a fire. I'm coming Kate. You won't ignore me ever again. Fire some shots into the air first, make sure the zombies come visit the inferno in numbers. Got my fire and my shotgun...going to go do this thing. Drank the last of the whiskey in preparation.

To be continued.